Krone 1512 - Historic building in the center of Salzburg

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House number 48, located directly in the Linzer Gasse and therefore in the center of Salzburg, was mentioned for the first time in 1361. It was the home of a smith and there was a quarry behind the building. The year 1512 is very important because it was then that one of the seven fountains of the city of Salzburg was built in the neighboring house. Until the hotel first opened in 1920, the historical building was used as living and working place by different craftsmen. The sign which you can see on the facade of the Hotel Krone 1512 is from those times!

The hotel in past and present

The building was presumably built in 1512, maybe earlier, and housed a blacksmith and many other trades until the beginning of the 20th century, when it was adapted to be a Hotel. During the 1950’s, the hotel was rather simple: no baths and breakfast was consumed in the rooms. In 1962, the Egger family bought the hotel, added another storey and built the breakfast room and the terrace. From 2001 up until 2012 the hotel was managed by Mr. Günther Hausknost and his team. As of 2013 Andreas Felleis and Patrick Knittelfelder are running this traditional hotel. They are pleased to welcome you as their guests in the heart of Salzburg.